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Yubico’s strategy focuses on a set of strategic growth initiatives leveraging its unique capabilities including its global blue-chip customer base, extensive partner network, scalable sales model and strong R&D capabilities.

  • Expand current customer base: Increase the engagement with current customers through adding new users and use cases.
  • Expand to customers’ customers and third-party suppliers: For Yubico’s customers to protect their end-users, and for their suppliers to secure their value chain to prevent breaches coming from third parties.
  • Land new customers in all verticals: Attract new customers within existing industry verticals and grow into new verticals.
  • Enter new adjacencies: Enter new authentication solutions adjacencies through R&D and selective acquisitions, and by leveraging the partner ecosystem to sell through partnerships.

In addition to the growth initiatives, Yubico is focusing on expanding its subscription offering to both new and existing customers to build customer loyalty and retention.