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Yubico’s overall vision is to make secure login easy and available for everyone. From a societal perspective, IT security is essential to ensure safe communication and to protect customers, citizens and, by extension, democracies.

Yubico responds to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) no. 9 by supporting a resilient infrastructure, and SDG no.16 by supporting effective, accountable, and transparent institutions and public access to information. Yubico’s sustainability focus is based on the Company’s value chain and materiality analysis carried out in 2021 which identified the most material sustainability aspects, for Yubico, based on 1) relevance for Yubico’s stakeholders and 2) impact on the environment, the society, and the economy. The most material aspects have been grouped into five overarching focus areas.

Minimizing environmental impact

Yubico is committed to reducing its environmental footprint by offering high-quality and long-lasting products, reviewing manufacturing processes, collaborating with environmentally responsible suppliers, and complying with waste management directives such as WEEE (Waste from Electrical and Electronic Equipment).

Protecting critical IT infrastructure

Yubico is continuously working with new innovations and applications across various customer groups to ensure sustained resilient IT infrastructure and further strengthening the Company’s global IT security education efforts with educational programs.

Supporting diversity

Yubico’s company culture is highly value-driven and centered on values such as diversity, inclusion, and a healthy work environment. The Company has a global team with more than 30 nationalities and a diverse global representation. About 29% of the employees are women, and Yubico works actively to increase this ratio, especially in technical areas such as development and sales where women are particularly underrepresented. For example, the Company is supporting Women in Cybersecurity (WiCyS), an organization working to attract more women in the field.

Securing free speech, democracy, and human rights

As part of the Company’s security mission, Yubico is committed to securing free speech, democracy, and human rights. Through its “Secure it forward” program, Yubico donates YubiKeys to journalists, dissidents, and non-profit organizations. For every 20 keys sold on the Yubico e-commerce store, Yubico donates one key to an organization or person in need. In 2022, 20,000 keys were for example donated to support Ukraine.

Ensuring high ethical standards

Yubico has zero tolerance of human rights violations, bribery and corruption and follows the laws, rules and policies that apply in the countries where it operates. The Company’s Code of Conduct includes guidelines for anti-corruption, labor law issues, human rights and environmental issues. All new employees go through the Code of Conduct during their introductory training. During 2022, Yubico implemented a Supplier Code of conduct for all of  its new suppliers. In the coming years, the aim is to extend the implementation of the Supplier Code of Conduct with existing suppliers.