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Nomination committee

The chairman of the board shall, no later than at the end of the third quarter of each year, ensure that the Company’s three largest shareholders or ownership groups, in terms of voting rights, are invited to nominate their own representative to the nomination committee. The determination of voting rights is based on Euroclear Sweden’s shareholder list (owner-grouped) and other available owner statistics as of the last banking day in August, or any other documentation that shareholders or ownership groups at this time report as evidence of their shareholding. If one or more shareholders decline to nominate a member to the nomination committee, one or more additional shareholder(s) in subsequent order of ownership share shall be offered the opportunity to nominate a member to the nomination committee. However, no more than five additional shareholders need be contacted, unless the chairman of the board finds that there are special reasons for doing so.

The nomination committee shall consist of a total of at least three members, including the chairman of the board. The composition of the nomination committee shall be made public as soon as it has been appointed. The chairman of the nomination committee shall, unless members agree otherwise, be the member who represents the largest shareholder in terms of votes. However, the chairman of the board or other board member shall not be the chairman of the nomination committee.

The nomination committee shall, according to the instructions, prepare and submit proposals to the annual general meeting, for i) the election of a chairman of the meeting, ii) election of and remuneration to the chairman of the board and board members of the Company, respectively, and, where applicable, any other special committee or sub committee that the annual general meeting may decide to appoint, iii) election of and remuneration to the auditor and, if applicable, the deputy auditor and iv) proposals on such amendments to the nomination committee instructions that the nomination committee deems appropriate. An account of the nomination committee’s work in the form of proposals and opinions from the nomination committee shall be published on the Company’s website well in advance of the annual general meeting.

Nomination Committee 2024

The Nomination Committee for Yubico´s 2024 Annual General Meeting has been appointed. In accordance with a decision at the Annual General Meeting, the three largest shareholders or owner groups shall be given the opportunity to appoint a member to the Nomination Committee. The Chairman of the Board is a member of the Nomination Committee.

The following members have been appointed to the Nomination Committee:

  • Carsten Browall, appointed by Bure Equity AB.
  • Patricia Hedelius, appointed by AMF Tjänstepension och Fonder.
  • Stina Ehrensvärd, representing herself.

The Chairman of the Board, Patrik Tigerschiöld, shall convene the first meeting of the Nomination Committee.

The Nomination Committee has been appointed according to the instructions from the Annual General Meeting in 2023. The members of the Nomination Committee together represent 38.53 percent of the votes attached to all voting shares in the company.

The Annual General Meeting in Yubico will be held on 14 May 2024.

Shareholders who wish to submit proposals to Yubico’s Nomination Committee can send an e-mail to (“To the Nominating Committee”), or by mail to: Yubico AB, Att: Secretary of the Board, Kungsgatan 44, 111 35 Stockholm, Sweden no later than January 31, 2024.