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Our customers

Yubico’s customers use YubiKeys for different situations. Typical use cases are securing privileged account users such as IT, human resources and management, securing call centers, protecting shared workstation users, and enabling remote workforce. Other typical use cases are improving user experience and security for office workers, protecting corporate system access by third parties and safeguarding Yubico’s customers’ end customers.

Customer base

Yubico’s products secure access to computers, networks and online services for thousands of businesses and millions of users in over 160 countries globally. Yubico’s customer base includes 19 of the 20 largest technology platforms in the U.S. and approximately 26% of the G2000 companies are protected with YubiKeys (to varying degrees). Historically, Yubico’s largest customer industry has primarily been global technology companies.

Over time, Yubico has attracted more customers from other industry verticals such as financial services, manufacturing, retail, and government agencies. The U.S. has been the largest region historically but the share of customers from other parts of the world is growing and the largest markets outside the U.S. are the DACH region (Germany, Austria, and Switzerland) and the UK.

Selection of customers

Tried and tested by the blue-chips