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  • SEK 1.8 bn

    Net Sales 2023

  • 0

    Account takeovers

  • 119 %

    Avg. annual repurchase rate 2018-23 by top 25 customers from the 2018 cohort

  • + 85 %

    Gross margin

  • + 400


  • +30 %

    of Fortune 500 are customers

  • + 4,500

    Business customers + millions of consumers

  • ~ 36 %

    CAGR of net sales (‘19-’23)

  • 19/20

    of the largest tech platforms in the US

Yubico stops account takeovers in their tracks, making secure login easy and available for everyone. Since being founded in 2007, the company has been a leader in setting global standards for secure access to computers, mobile devices, servers, browsers, and internet accounts. Yubico is a creator and core contributor to the FIDO2, WebAuthn, and FIDO Universal 2nd Factor (U2F) open authentication standards, and is a pioneer in delivering modern, hardware-based passkey authentication security at scale to customers in over 160 countries. Since 2019, the company has grown net sales by a compounded annual growth rate (“CAGR”) of 36%.

Yubico’s solutions enable passwordless logins using the most secure form of passkey technology. YubiKeys work out-of-the-box across hundreds of consumer and enterprise applications and services, delivering a raised bar for security with great flexibility. YubiKeys have historically only been sold against a one-time payment, also known as the perpetual basis, which gives the customer ownership of the product throughout its lifetime. However, in 2020, Yubico also began offering a subscription-based model, in which Yubico assumes a larger overall responsibility and retains ownership of the hardware.

Aligned with its mission of making the internet more secure for everyone, Yubico donates YubiKeys to organizations helping at-risk individuals through the philanthropic initiative, Secure it Forward. The company is headquartered in Stockholm and Santa Clara, CA. with manufacturing plants located in both countries. The company is listed on Nasdaq First North Growth Market in Stockholm.



Making the internet safer for everyone

Value proposition

Stop phishing attacks and account takeovers with strong, modern authentication



Yubico was founded in Stockholm, Sweden, by Stina and Jakob Ehrensvärd to develop the YubiKey 1.0 which was the world’s first one touch, one-time password authenticator, requiring no client or driver.


Yubico signs partnership with Google to co-create the open authentication standard Universal 2nd Factor (U2F).


Yubico and Google contribute to the U2F technical specifications and to the FIDO Alliance, and then join as board members.


Yubico launches YubiKey 5 Series, which supports multiple authentication protocols, including FIDO2/WebAuthn for passwordless authentication.


Yubico launches YubiEnterprise Services, which includes YubiEnterprise Subscription and YubiEnterprise Delivery.


Yubico introduces the next generation of FIPS certified security keys with the YubiKey 5 FIPS Series and also introduces a new FIPS-validated hardware security module, the YubiKey HSM2 FIPS.


Apple added security key support for iCloud accounts. Yubico has sold more than 22 million YubiKeys since inception.


Listing on Nasdaq First North Growth Market.


Yubico’s sustainability focus is based on the Company’s value chain and materiality analysis carried out in 2021 which identified the most material sustainability aspects, for Yubico, based on 1) relevance for Yubico’s stakeholders and 2) impact on the environment, the society, and the economy. The most material aspects have been grouped into five overarching focus areas: