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Business model

Go to market model

Part of Yubico’s foundation to success came from early adopters of IT security solutions, who bought YubiKeys online for testing, and then influence the company internally to increase cybersecurity protection. By then, the IT department has already tested the keys and are able to guide the organization and decision makers into a larger deployment of YubiKeys.

The easy access of buying keys simplifies the decision process and is part of Yubico’s go to market motion. In recent years, the time between the first deployment and the expanding use cases has become gradually shorter. The current go to market approach focuses on addressing larger deployments from start, a strategy that has been successfully enabled by the subscription model that offers enterprises purchasing flexibility to buy and deploy and ramp-up aligned with internal requirements and changing needs.

Sales channels

Yubico uses a combination of direct and indirect sales channels, and the sales approach is adjusted depending on account size, Yubico’s market presence and target industry. For the largest enterprises and strategic accounts, Yubico uses a direct sales channel approach with a high-touch sales model and direct fulfillment. For medium-sized enterprises, Yubico uses a combination of direct-touch sales and partner fulfillment. Small businesses and consumers are handled through Yubico’s e-commerce and local resellers.

In the US, the direct sales channel has been the primary approach, except for the public sector that traditionally relies on an approved reseller structure. In the rest of the world, an indirect sales model is applied supported by Yubico’s sales representatives and channel team. Since 2022, Yubico has been developing the U.S. channel set-up to better serve small and mid-sized companies at scale.

Yubico’s sales team consists of approximately 100 employees, including sales representatives, channel partner managers, customer success managers and professional services personnel. This team is tailored to engage with customers across all industries and all countries through a regional setup. Yubico’s indirect sales network consists of approximately 40 selected distributors with a total network of several thousands of resellers globally. Yubico views channel partners as a critical extension of its own salesforce and has a well-developed channel program that enables partners to easily learn, sell, and deliver Yubico’s solutions to customers.

Yubico has established a vast partnership network

Yubico’s extensive network of +800 partner integrations allows for scalability, ease of deployment and co-selling / marketing

YubiKeys comply with government regulations (CSPN, DFARS, FIPS, GDPR, PSD2) and leading open authentication standards (FIDO, OATH, PIV, W3C).